Refillable Cosmetics Jars

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  • Refillable Cosmetics Jars Kit contains everything you need to fill, seal and label the included jars.
  • The jars are made of high quality glass for perfect preservation of the aromatic and therapeutic properties of your cremes, oils and powders.
  • The black lids and white inner covers assure a proper, smudge free and leak free seal of the glass jars.
  • The mini spatulas allow you to fill or refill the jars with great ease.
  • We hope you’ll love them all!

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  • 15g 30g 50g cream containers with lids to conveniently store a wide variety of items like lip balms, cosmetics, mini candles, sample pots, lip gloss, beads, candies, nail art supplies, buttons, coins and other small items. Protect your items and homemade products from dust, moisture and light exposure with these empty mini jars with lids
  • A PERFECT, COMPACT SOLUTION for travel or to use in your home, these clear containers with lids can be used for all kinds of homemade beauty products. Small enough to toss into a purse or backpack, these little containers with lids are great for travel if you don’t want to carry around large and heavy refillable cosmetic containers. These lip balm containers with lids are great to use for lip gloss supplies and to keep other small items with you and have easy access whenever you need them

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