Why use glass bottles for beer?

1, beer contains alcohol, glass bottles will not react with alcohol, plastic and alcohol will be dissolved, is not conducive to health.

2. The dissolved carbon dioxide in beer is unstable. When beer is hit, knocked, shaken, heated, etc., a large amount of carbon dioxide will be precipitated out.

3, beer is weak acid, ordinary aluminum, iron and other metals, can not directly contain beer, so use glass bottles.

4. The brewery uses hot water spray to heat and sterilize the beer after filling, so that a large amount of carbon dioxide in the beer can be precipitated out, and the glass container can withstand the pressure.

5. It won’t affect the taste.Plastic is full of chemicals that are easy to burn, and when kept in hot water for a long time, it dissolves substances that are harmful to human health, and when used to hold beer, this substance is more likely to seep into the liquid and ruin your drink.Glass has no taste and no chemical reaction with the contents.

6. No air leakage.Plastic is more permeable than glass, allowing carbon dioxide to escape and oxygen to flow in. Oxygen is beer’s number one enemy. Oxidation of the active ingredients in beer can lead to an unclean, unpleasant smell and taste like caramel.As for aluminum cans, they are not as porous as glass, so they can be used to store beer.

7. Easy to disinfect.During brewing, beer is usually sent to a machine where boiling water is sprayed and heated in order to kill any bacteria that survive the brewing process.This ensures that the beer is safe and does not go bad.Both glass and aluminum cans can perform this procedure.Plastic bottles are bound to raise production costs if they are made, because thin bottles can deform in the process.

Post time: Dec-29-2020