What is the manufacturing process for glass bottles?

Glass bottle manufacturing process is simple, free and changeable, hard, heat resistant, clean, easy to clean, and can be used again and again.First of all to design and manufacture mold (title: the mother of industry), glass bottle raw material to quartz sand as the main raw material, plus other auxiliary materials in the high temperature into liquid, and then the fine oil bottle into the mold, cooling, cutting, tempering, the formation of glass bottle.Glass bottles generally have rigid marks, marks are also made from mold shapes.Glass bottle molding according to the production method can be divided into manual blowing, mechanical blowing and extrusion forming three.


(1) Raw materials pre-processing.Glass bottle is a traditional beverage packaging container in China, glass is also a very historical packaging material.In the context of the influx of many packaging materials into the market, glass containers still play an important role in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its irreplaceable packaging characteristics.The lump of raw materials (quartz sand (nature: silicate minerals), soda, limestone, feldspar, etc.) to crush, so that the wet raw materials dry, will contain iron raw materials to remove iron processing, in order to ensure the quality of glass.

(2) Preparation of compound materials.

(3) melted.The glass mixture is heated at a high temperature (1550~1600 degrees) in a pool furnace to form uniform and bubble-free liquid glass that meets the molding requirements.

(4) shape.Liquid glass is put into molds (mother of industry) to make glass products of the desired shape, such as flat plates, various ware, etc.

(5)  Heat treatment.By not ng guo (t) annealing (annealing), quenching, quenching process, such as eliminating or producing glass internal stress, split phase or crystallization, and the structure of glass state.

Post time: Dec-04-2020