The market sentiment is good, and the manufacturers’ inventory is reduced!

The recent overall trend of the glass spot market is fair, and the spot prices of manufacturers have risen relatively large, which will help increase the market confidence of downstream traders and processing enterprises. Judging from the recent export of manufacturers, the export level is still maintained at a good level, and the overall industry inventory continues to be reduced. From the order situation of downstream processing enterprises, orders from the domestic construction decoration market are still dominated, with a small increase from the previous month. There is little change in foreign trade export orders. From the perspective of regional structure, the recent spot price increase in the northern region is greater than that in the southern market. At the same time, the spot price in Central China has also increased more recently, basically making up for the increase in the previous flood period, and the price difference with other regions has also returned to the previous normal level.

Post time: Aug-14-2020