Technology highlights: tips for cutting glass bottles

Many people are known to have discarded glass bottles in their homes.
It’s not worth much to sell as scrap, and it sometimes takes up space at home.
So a lot of people want to be able to DIY glass bottles, can be used as decorative items.

But when it comes to DIY, many people may encounter problems of one kind or another.
Below, Xiaobian will briefly introduce the tips of cutting glass bottles.

In fact, to put it simply, DIY cutting glass bottles is mainly carried out according to the original expansion and contraction of heat. The following Xiaobian will introduce four methods to you.

First: combustible cotton thread method

You need glass bottles, triangle files, cotton thread, gasoline (alcohol or kerosene, flammable liquids), buckets, etc.

First, file the glass bottle with a file to make a scratch where you want to cut it.

Then: Tie a piece of cotton thread dipped in gasoline to the groove of the scratch.

Then: light the cotton thread, and when the fire is out, place the bottle vertically into a bucket of cold water.

Finally: Gently break the glass bottle with your hands, and you can cut it perfectly.

Second: electric furnace wire heating method

Main material is: electric furnace wire, transformer and bucket, etc.

Wrap a long electric furnace wire around the cross section of the glass to the part to be cut, and heat it with low pressure for 10 minutes.

After ten minutes, plunge the bottle into cold water quickly.
Or run cold water down the jar.
That way the bottle can break.

Third: wire heating method

Some of the materials you need are bottles, pieces of thick wire, crayons or chalk, and buckets.

1. Choose chalk or crayon to draw lines in the area to be cut.

2. Put several iron wire into the stove to burn red, and then take turns to the line, so that the line part is heated, about ten minutes.

3. Immediately insert the glass bottle into a bucket of cold water so the bottle can be cut open.

Fourth: oil heating method

Bottles, used motor oil and wire or screwdriver, cold water.

1. Pour the spent oil into the bottle, the height should be level with the cutting part.

2. Insert the red-hot wire or screwdriver into the oil and bring it to the boil.

3. Pull out the wire and place the cap on the top of the bottle, not to be killed, in case of explosion. Then pour water on the glass bottle.
Then the bottle can be cut and finished.

To sum up, we need to pay attention to three points when DIY cutting glass bottles: first, it is forbidden to cap the bottle when heating, to prevent the gas from being heated and expanding to produce explosion.
There is a cut must be polished, to prevent cutting fingers.
Third, in the cutting process, necessary thick gloves and glasses are very necessary, take protective measures.

Post time: Mar-15-2021