How to preserve honey?

Many people say that honey is delicious but not easy to preserve. In fact, this is not accurate, because the true pure mature honey is not easy to spoil, but now it is difficult to see the market without processing honey.
Honey mixed with other ingredients is not easy to preserve, especially in summer when the temperature is high and the humidity is high, honey will absorb water vapor from the air, and then in the heat deterioration.
So how should honey be preserved?
Let’s reveal the secrets together!
How to preserve honey
1 Storage Container

First of all, special attention should be paid to the container material for the preservation of honey, because honey has a weak acid, and when it comes into contact with metal, it is easy to cause oxidation reaction, precipitate iron, lead, zinc and other metal ions, which make honey color black, and its nutritional value will be destroyed.
What’s more, some people who eat this honey will suffer from nausea, vomiting and other poisoning symptoms.
Here to remind you: honey storage must not use metal containers, should use non-metal containers, such as ceramic, glass bottles, non-toxic plastic buckets and other containers to store honey, it is best to use the most convenient jars.

2. Storage conditions of honey

If you want to preserve honey well, the environment also needs to pay attention to. Honey should be stored in a low temperature and away from light. It is best to keep the temperature at 5 ~ 10℃ and the air humidity does not exceed 75%.
Even if you can’t control the temperature so accurately, it’s best to keep it away from light and ventilation.
Secondly, the container for storing honey should be tightly covered.
Honey has the ability to absorb moisture from the air, honey absorbs too much moisture will make the concentration drops, easy to cause fermentation and metamorphism.
Therefore, storing honey with a tight lid prevents air leakage and reduces contact with the air, which makes it last longer.
The amount of honey should be 80% of the container.
After each consumption of honey, the container should be covered to prevent contamination.

3. Storage conditions of honey


1. Keep sealed

In general, honey eaten at home is canned, a little is poured out a little, and then sealed with a lid, this lid does not have what effective sealing measures, air and bacteria are easy to enter.
So when it comes to choosing honey, choose small cans that can be eaten in a few days, or buy small bags that can be eaten one at a time.
If you have the misfortune to buy a large jar, that’s fine. Buy a roll of plastic wrap and cover the bottle with the top after each meal.
2, ginger slice anti deterioration

To make honey for a long time without deterioration, not taste, can be put in the honey of the right amount of ginger slices.
The method is: choose pure and do not contain impurities of honey, into a clean glass bottle or ceramic jar, and then add a small piece of ginger in every 500 grams of honey, sealed and stored in a cool place, can be long time without deterioration.
3, cold water preservation

Another way to preserve food is to store it in cold water. Put the honey in a bag with a tight seal so that it does not leak.
Fill a properly sized birdbath with water and place it in a cool place. Add the honey.
If the home is in the countryside and there is a well, you can put the honey into the well, the effect of preservation is much better, honey will not crystallize.

Post time: Mar-01-2021