High borosilicate hot, or mass production of 10 production lines?

High borosilicate material monolithic fireproof glass has been written into the new industry standard. It is highly probable that it will form two monolithic fireproof glass material classifications with sodium calcium silicate fireproof glass. This material is almost born like a golden key. , Enjoying the gradual regulation of policies and markets, the dividend pay attention to continue to heat up, and 2020 will be no exception.

Is there a rumor in the industry that there will be more than 10 borosilicate production lines in mass production? The information currently available is limited, but some can be cited.

Triumph 1 new mass production plan

6https://www.sgoodglass.com/factory-clear-custom-teapot-oem-cheap-borosilicate-glass-teapot-product/In May 2019, Fengyang Kaisheng Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. held the ignition ceremony of the borosilicate special glass production line. Since then, it has opened the prelude to its borosilicate focus. In 2020, the maximum production capacity of high borosilicate original wafers has reached More than 1,000 tons per month. The park plans to add a borosilicate production line in the second phase, which is expected to be put into use in 2022, when the annual output value will reach 500 million yuan.

On January 8, 3660x2440mm borosilicate 4.0 fire-resistant glass was loaded and shipped off the line. This specification created the record of the largest fire-resistant glass of Kaisheng. At the same time, it also created the record of the world’s largest panel of borosilicate fire-resistant glass. Currently, Kaisheng has the largest plate The specification can be 2440mm×4500mm.

A total of 8 lines are planned for mass production of Fujing

Compared to cold repairing and releasing water in the cold winter, which hurts spring and autumn, many beautiful things happen in summer.

Back to the midsummer of 2019, on June 21st, China’s first borosilicate 4.0 fire-resistant glass new material production line scientific and technological achievements release and forum meeting was held in Xingtai Chenguang Hotel. Hebei Fujing Tebo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has undergone 5 years of hard work , Successfully researched the new borosilicate 4.0 fire-resistant glass material, which meets the high standards of GB 15763.1 fire-resistant glass (Class C) fire resistance, and can be super fire-resistant for more than 3 hours.

Any innovation deserves tribute. This is the first domestic company to achieve mass production of high borosilicate 4.0 materials and the second company in the world to achieve mass production. History should be remembered. The current mass production is 1 production line with a monthly output of 800 tons. The company plans 8 production lines to meet the growing demand of the market.

Honghua’s 2 production lines will be put into operation soon

The past and present of Chinese glass are inseparable from Qinhuangdao. Even high borosilicate 4.0 is worth reviewing.

As one of the first domestic specialized enterprises to adopt all-electric melting to produce special glass products, Qinhuangdao Honghua Special Glass Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation. It was put into operation in November 2000 and successfully put into operation in 2006. The production line of special float glass produced by “Fa-Tech” was successfully put into production of borosilicate 3.3 float glass that year. In 2008, Mr. Li produced borosilicate 4.0 fire-resistant glass. Both 6mm and 8mm fire resistance reached three hours.

Due to the high price of the products determined by the cost at that time and the low market acceptance, it became the reason why some purchasing companies only used it for testing. Honghua’s borosilicate glass did not start mass production.

In an interview, Zhang Zhuangli, general manager of Honghua Special Glass, said that with the national fire protection standards and policy regulations, fire protection market regulations, and the lifelong responsibility system for fire protection, they have created good policy conditions for the business environment, and large-scale enterprises are gradually abandoning them. Risky products, high requirements for the quality of fireproof glass in random inspections, and the price decline after mass production, the market opportunity for borosilicate has arrived.

It is understood that the Honghua production line has been ignited in May this year, and the board has been successfully introduced this month. Mass production will be realized in August and September. The two borosilicate production lines are estimated to have a daily output of 60 tons. Honghua Special Glass, which has been accumulated for several years, has returned to the sight of the industry with a new attitude and is ready to go.

Changshu Yaopi 1 line is expected to be put into operation by the end of the year

In March of this year, Shanghai Yaopi Glass Group Co., Ltd. released its 2019 annual report. The report stated: For 2020, Yaopi Glass will focus on the three major sectors of float glass, automotive glass and architectural glass. Among them, Yaopi Glass will focus on the ignition of the Tianjin cold repair project and the construction of the high borosilicate fire-resistant glass project, and regard it as a new growth point for the company’s profits.

As early as November 2019, Yaopi Glass Group passed the “Proposal on the Technical Transformation Project of High Borosilicate Fireproof Glass of Changshu Yaopi Special Glass Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary”.

In view of the promising market prospects for high borosilicate fire-resistant glass, Changshu Yaopi Special Glass Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, has undergone years of research and development and technical research on the high borosilicate fire-resistant glass project, and has achieved technological breakthroughs that can greatly increase the yield Therefore, after investigation and demonstration, Changshu Special Group decided to use its own funds to invest 81.7 million yuan to upgrade the production line technology. After the technical transformation, the glass varieties that can be produced by this production line are borosilicate 3.3 and borosilicate 4.0. The estimated production capacity is 60 tons of molten glass per day, the yield is about 50%, and the kiln age is 5 years. It is planned to be put into operation by the end of 2020. It is estimated that the project’s internal investment rate of return is about 44%, and the investment payback period (static) is about 2.2 years.

Technology reserve companies are not few

Borosilicate investment craze is far more than the above-mentioned companies. The rumor in the industry that there will be ten borosilicate production lines to join the competition is not groundless, but does not include the 160 acres of industrial borosilicate glass project under construction by Anhui Deli Industrial Glass Co., Ltd. The total investment of the plan is 530 million. Yuan, build 4 electric furnaces, all produce high-grade borosilicate glass, but only used for daily glass and home appliance glass.

Compared with those companies that are still on the sidelines, “Building Glass One” has realized the technical reserves for the production of borosilicate glass as early as three years ago. Waiting for the growth of market demand, it can easily realize the iteration of the production line and enter the mass production of borosilicate glass.

Some companies that have not officially issued an announcement will not be listed here. The ten-line competition is a high probability event. The long-term criticism of high borosilicate glass prices may also be solved.

Companies that are being pulled down by borosilicate glass

Replace sodium calcium silicon monolithic into a trend? There are of course two types of opinions.

Tang Hewen, general manager of Yuanglass, is optimistic about this trend. In addition to technical reasons, he took LOW-E and tempered glass as examples. The appearance of these products also has high prices, but because of their subversive functions, they are accepted by the market. Rapid promotion and application. In this direct product iteration process, the price factor is negligible. When a product is more suitable for application in a specific field, the new product will be forced to apply by the policy, and the traditional product will be eliminated by the market. The fireproof function of borosilicate glass is unmatched by other products, and there are common points.

Wu Congzhen, chief engineer of Guangdong King Kong, holds different opinions. He believes that the possibility of sodium calcium silicon being replaced in the near future is relatively small. In his view, the advantage of borosilicate glass lies in the long time and the absolute advantage of 2-3 hours, but the current market The most popular products are half-hour and one-hour products. However, most of the factors that cause the failure of fire-resistant windows for half an hour or one hour are not caused by the insufficient fire resistance of the glass itself, but more because of the sealing system.

At the same time, engineer Wu Congzhen also pointed out that one of the biggest loopholes in the current fire-resistant glass market lies in the specification. No matter how good doors and windows are, if they do not require automatic closing in case of fire, they will be useless.

Whether high borosilicate will replace sodium calcium silicon requires market data to verify it, and it is difficult to conclude in a short time. However, the “launch” of a batch of sodium calcium silicon enterprises with high borosilicate is happening.

Before publishing, I called Mr. Song Lumin, general manager of Hebei Fujing, and sincerely invited him to attend the 2nd Fireproof Glass Conference hosted by Xinglass.com in Nanning on July 31 to make up for the regret that I missed the first Fireproof Glass Conference in 2019. . What is important is that Mr. Song Lumin spared no effort to promote the mass production and market development of high borosilicate fire-resistant glass.

On August 10, 2019, the crystalline borosilicate 4.0 glass processing enterprise alliance was established in Xingtai, Hebei. The establishment of the alliance aims to promote the advantages of various enterprises, play their complementary advantages, and cooperate with each other to jointly promote the market of fireproof glass. Better development before. A total of 16 companies signed the convention at the scene, and more than half of these 16 companies are companies that have been working in the field of traditional fireproof glass for a long time.

Agents and alliances are very influential marketing methods in any field of China’s glass industry. This is also an important step in the marketization of borosilicate 4.0, from mass production to promotion and marketing.

In May 2020, as the general manager Cao Yanping pressed the start button, Fengyang Kaisheng Silicon Materials Co., Ltd.’s high borosilicate 4.0 fireproof glass tempering furnace officially entered the heating up production stage. The borosilicate 4.0 fireproof glass tempering furnace used was made by Finland Glaston provides that it can temper 5-12mm high borosilicate 4.0 fireproof glass, and can also semi-temper high borosilicate 3.3 home appliance heat-resistant glass.

Laminating and other processing for downstream deep-processing enterprises has laid the foundation for Kaisheng’s ongoing recruitment of agents across the country, especially for manufacturers that do not have the ability to temper borosilicate glass to clear the obstacles of agency.

In June, Fengyang Kaisheng Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. and Starwood Fireproof Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. held an agency sales signing ceremony. The company that once won the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center took advantage of the opportunity to develop the C non-insulation fireproof glass market. It became the Shenzhen agent of Fengyang Kaisheng high borosilicate fireproof glass, and at the same time, it also became its first agent officially signed, which also marked Fengyang Kaisheng borosilicate glass marketing has taken a landmark step. It is understood that agents in Southwest and East China will also enter the countdown to signing contracts, and the results of the agency competition between two large-scale fire-resistant glass companies in Guangdong Province in South China will also surface in July.

As the rumors of ten production lines are gradually being fulfilled, it is conceivable that more and more traditional fireproof glass companies will be “pulled down”, and the carnival of high borosilicate fireproof glass is beginning. At the same time, the buyer’s market will also have an effect. The selectable borosilicate brands will emerge from nothing, from single to multiple choices, and the competition among manufacturers will become more intense.

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