Company News

It was 2002. We are looking for good quality food grade glass containers and lids at reasonable prices, but unfortunately we did not find one. And we also found that many companies like us at the time were in this dilemma. Therefore, we decided to help such enterprises solve this problem and start their own glass product packaging business. It is difficult for some customers to find good and reliable packaging utensils at a reasonable price locally or locally, especially from August to May. Aromatherapy companies want to put excellent formulas in perfume bottles. Small startups find that perfume bottles in the region are very expensive and there is no room for an address! Perfume bottle distributors do not sell for less than the size of a pallet or truck order. Those who find us by word of mouth are happy to find the source of the bottles and jars and are even happier with a reasonable price. We thought all we needed to do was spread the word, so we decided to try a simple website on the Internet. Unsurprisingly, more food packers started calling due to the advent of the website, but we didn’t even think about the world of container candles! While listening to our customers’ needs, we have slowly added various containers for food and candles to our inventory. Recently, candle makers have expressed a desire to buy all supplies from an affordable source, so we have been expanding our product range to include premium cosmetic bottles, high-strength vases and drinking glasses. We are glad you found us! Let us know if we can do something to improve our choices and services.

Post time: Dec-23-2019