Narrow Mouth Reagent Glass Bottle with Glass Stopper

Short Description:

  • Suitable for storing liquids and dry materials
  • With standard ground joint and ground –in glass stopper
  • Max. usage temperature of +100 °C
  • The amber provides some UV protection for light-sensitive products
  • Abmer boston round effective in storing essential oils, vanilla, tinctures, herbs, spices, syrups, kombucha, and various home remedies.

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Amber glass for light-sensitive products. Reagent bottles are commonly used in laboratories and other scientific applications.
This glass-to-glass joint is an air-tight seal without the use of a rubber or cork stopper. Our laboratory glassware is reasonably priced and a great choice for heavy use in schools, shops and laboratories.

Lab bottles are used to store, hold, and mix liquids, powders, and other substances in a wide variety of scientific industries.
Lab bottles are manufactured with a combination of characteristics in order to meet the demands of particular applications, such as for solution dispensing, mixing, and weighing, and use in centrifuge operations.
They come in many shapes for specific applications, with a variety of mouth or nozzle shapes and sizes for specific use.
Lab bottles are made from materials, such as glass (Borosilicate or soda-lime) and an array of plastics, which are selected for chemical and thermal expansion resistance, transparency, and their adaptability in a variety of applications.
Lab bottles are suitable for use in chemistry and biology applications, as well as in pharmaceutical and scientific testing.

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