Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks Vase

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Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks Vase  is  wonderful,  made  of  high-quality  transparent  lead-free  glass,Including  of  Gradient Blue,Red,Yellow,Black,Clear;  The flat bottoms help keep these decorative jars upright and stable. High  strength  and  good  hardness,  transparency. we offer   custom  LOGO  services,Ourpacking  includs  Carton  and  Pallet,About 30 days after sample and order confirmed (not including further processing products or special order). This product  supports  custommade.


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1. Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks Vase  adopts narrow mouth Erlenmeyer flasks design, unique and simple.

2. It can be used as a gift. It is suitable for every imaginable design of floral and candle arrangements for modern home decor, weddings.

3. The flat bottoms help keep these decorative jars upright and stable. 

4.  Label and straw ropes can be customized.

5. Multi color for you to choose from, which is up to you.





Top: 7cm

Bottom: 10cm


Gradient Blue/Red/Yellow/Black/Clear



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