Manufacturing Chinese glass vase bottles

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  • A variety of specifications design, suitable for all kinds of flower specifications

  • The ingenious and versatile design is suitable for blooming in any corner of the house

  • Gradient color, frosted design, create a sense of advanced

  • A variety of options for your personality to provide more options

  • Gift wedding, home, friends of the best choice

  • Ultra high cost performance

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The vase is a kind of vessel, mostly made of ceramic or glass, beautiful and smooth appearance;Expensive people have beautiful plants made of expensive materials such as crystals to hold flower branches. The bottom of the vase usually holds water to keep the plants alive and beautiful.Modern household adornment, practical it is not enough only.More and more designers blend in clever idea, the function application that beautifies household depends on ordinary household adornment to be in everyday life very common on, also be the most joker at the same time, it has very good ground to connect fully a gender, the change that sees water quality more easily, for the fresh flower that inserts make, vitreous vase can be more appropriate.Usually, glass vases are made of colorless white glass, but just adding a little color can change your perception of a vase.Although, it is same design is contracted, be like a piece of white paper, but the quality of a material of glass and fruity and fluent modelling, make the vase looks more like a work of art, even if do not have arrange a flower, also admire sex is extremely strong.

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