Ice Cracked Glass Bottle

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Ice Cracked Glass Bottle  is  made  of  high-quality  transparent  lead-free  glass,Thick,sturdy and smooth,A special process for glass firing,The outer cover of the lamp is firmly stuck on the outside of the lamp, and the two are perfectly combined into a whole.Not broken glass, but a special process during the production process that splits the glass into regular shapes, smooth inside and out.We offer   custom  LOGO  services,Ourpacking  includs  Carton  and  Pallet,About 30 days after sample and order confirmed (not including further processing products or special order). This product  supports  custommade.

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Special craftsmanshipIce Cracked Glass Bottle   is  made  of  high-quality  transparent  lead-free  glass,Made of special glass processing methods,The glass is complete and smooth, showing the effect of ice cracking.Don’t worry it will crack, it’s very sturdy.

Perfect  Decoration :How  to use  it ?Use your imagination,This is an ice cracked lampshade,so a lamp should be tightly and tightly snapped inside to prevent the lamp from falling out. They are perfectly combined into a lamp ornament.It can be placed on the dining table, study room, living room, entrance hall, friends gathering, holiday celebration, Christmas, Halloween, barbecue, it is indispensable.

Wonderful  gift:This is a fairy landing in the night, the light is reflected from the transparent glass, creating a dreamy and romantic effect, everything becomes hazy and mysterious.You can also DIY different colors of lights by yourself to see your mood and make life change into a variety of colors.Put it on a ribbon and give it to a friend. I can guarantee that your friend will like it very much. It is a special and unique gift.


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height Inner caliber Outside caliber
large 11.5cm 6.8cm 8.9cm
large 6.5cm 2.5cm 3cm

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