Hotsale Green brown glass for olive oil bottle

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Olive oil bottle

The mouth of the bottle is smooth and round

Multiple specifications are available

Use environmental glass design clean sanitation

Easy to clean


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An olive oil bottle is a clear glass bottle used to hold olive oil, which can be made into any shape and any beautiful color.The glass material has a good barrier property, which can prevent oxygen and other gases from attacking the inner material, and prevent the volatile components of the inner material from volatilizing into the atmosphere.Can be used repeatedly, can reduce the cost of packaging;Can make color and transparency changes easily;Safe and hygienic, good corrosion resistance and acid resistance, suitable for the packaging of acidic substances (such as candy);In addition, because glass bottles are suitable for the production of automatic filling production line, domestic glass bottle automatic filling technology and equipment development is more mature, using glass bottle packaging fruit and vegetable juice drinks in China has a certain production advantage;Non-toxic, tasteless, transparent, beautiful, and has the advantages of heat, pressure, and cleaning, can be high-temperature sterilization, also can be stored at low temperature.The glass can not react with common acid except hydrofluoric acid at high temperature. If the metal meets the acid, it may have heavy metal leakage. Plastics with poor quality cannot pass through high temperature mechanical properties, light weight, convenient storage and transportation, and easy to carry and use.Anti-permeability, good sealing, high transparency;Good processing performance, can be manufactured into various sizes of bottles, caps, films, bags and composite packaging materials;Good decorative coloring and printing performance.Drug labels, instructions, labels and bar codes can be directly inkjet or printed on plastic materials without falling off;Good chemical stability, weak toxicity, health, safety.The lid of the medicine can be made into a safety cover or pressure cover, as well as anti-counterfeiting mark and so on.

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