Hot sell transparent colored glass aromatherapy bottle

Short Description:

  • Glass aromatherapy bottle

  • Simplify your life as you choose

  • Strong glass texture
  • The mouth is round and smooth
  • Corrosion resistance and acid resistance
  • Stability does not affect the contents of the liquid

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t was certainly wise to choose our glass perfume bottles.Fragrances in perfumes can corrode plastics, especially PVC plastics.After it reacts with the plastic, the whole perfume deteriorates and the scent changes.Because glass is the main content of silica, generally not using perfume and plastic ingredients reaction will be more complex and perfume reaction 2 glass bottle visual effect will be better than plastic bottle multi-purpose glass bottle packaging high-grade, beautiful and generous appearance.The molecules in the bottle are stable and hard to smell.Bottles pack best.Good mechanical properties, light weight, convenient storage and transportation, easy to carry and use;Good impermeability, good sealing, high transparency;Good processing performance, can be made into various sizes of bottles, caps, films, bags and composite packaging materials;Good decorative coloring and printing performance.Drug labels, instructions, labels and bar codes can be directly inkjet or printed on plastic material without falling off;Good chemical stability, weak toxicity, health and safety.The lid of the medicine can be made into a safety cover or a pressure cover, and can also be made into an anti-counterfeiting mark.Easy to carry and comfortable

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