Glass hand sanitizer

Short Description:

  • A beautiful glass hand sanitizer bottle

  • A practical necessity for home travel

  • Easy to press, adopt anti – rust process, can be used for a long time

  • Be quiet and elegant while maintaining a high level of appearance
  • The transparent bottle is clear at a glance
  • Multiple colors are available to add more options to your personality
  • Solid concave convex texture

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This is a beautifully designed hand washing liquid bottle, the delicate and transparent glass, bacteria are everywhere, at any time the body of the infringer, play in your mobile phone, public transport, pet exposure, bottle round and smooth, does not hurt the hand fully aesthetically pleasing, glass bottle to thicken the antiskid design, placed a solid design, place the firm to dump, wear-resisting durable, delicate and press the nozzle and aesthetically pleasing, give small space into a different color, the colored glass material, simple design, delicate do manual work, don’t rub off do not fade, three-dimensional concave and convex texture, crystal texture, a integrated, a variety of solution is available, press smoothly,It is not easy to rust and deformation. The design is simple and elegant. It is smooth and easy to clean and press,Fine grain and transparent glass fusion each other for more glittering and translucent get rid of the bottle, feel is good, the color light luxury not make public, healthy environmental protection, quality of a material is glittering and translucent, like crystal, delicate and beautiful, as beautiful and comfortable as art jing ya maintain a high level in appearance, a variety of specifications is optional, why do you want to use packing bottle, farewell “thirty-three

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