Glass candle jar with cork

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This would be the perfect candle gift for the special person with a sense of humor in your life.
Maybe it’s your best friend, neighbor, wine club friend, sister, mom, co-worker, sports buddy or someone who drinks.
This would be a great birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, hostess gift, or just a candle for anyone who drinks!

✅ quality: glass canned canned 8 ounces by the high quality of thick glass, can prevent and bursts.
These glass bottles are 100% food-safe, lead-free, and can be used for food storage and drinking.
For convenience, these little jelly jars are also designed to be dishwasher safe
✅ classic design: the glass crystal smooth design ensures that the maximum visibility, so you can easily see the items inside.
Each small can comes with a cork to ensure an airtight seal, thus keeping drinks fresh and preventing dry food from going out of date.
✅ classified storage: is the environmental protection and reusable POTS, this will make the spice jar the ideal classification organization tool, suitable for from homemade pickles, jam and spices and herbs to cosmetics or abstain candle all of the products.
Ideal for lovers of preservation and canning.
✅ wide range of USES: multi-function jar can be used for canned, storage and decorative purposes.
From your pantry to experiment with the food world, these small glass jars are perfect for creative and unusual environments and are ideal canvases for decorative art and crafts, wedding and party gifts, and other DIY projects.
✅ is easy to use/cleaning: large diameter can be used for fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices trouble-free filling.
The wide mouth also makes the bottom of the jar accessible and convenient whether you wash it in the dishwasher or thoroughly by hand with a sponge

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High quality candle jars are used to decorate your world with our stunning white decorative candles, embellishments and rooms or events.
They are containers made of high quality luxury glass that offer great decorative value and incredible functionality.
Product features
High quality glass
Elegant glass jar shape
Perfect for table decoration
Lavish parties for weddings, birthdays, and other events
Everything you desire comes from your candles and more!
Our candles provide an ideal light that will create the perfect atmosphere in any setting you choose.
Whether you want to make a candle that reads in the dark with dim light, or use a few at a time to create a very bright environment, use great light containers.
Made of the best materials, our candle POTS ensure your environment is safe.
The advanced glass bracket will ensure maximum safety to reduce accidents or anything other than glass catching fire.
Elegant gifts, gifts, and party gifts
Our candle jars are beautifully designed to provide the best visual beauty for any occasion.
They can be a cute little gift for a wedding or celebration, as well as a great gift for birthdays, holidays and housewarming.
Light up your creativity with glazed candles!
High quality materials and incredible utility will brighten up your day!

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