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A votive; an object offered in fulfillment of a vow, like a candle at a vigil. Imagine the romance in that. The candle is offered in fulfilment of a vow, your vows. The vows that you make to each other forever. The tangible symbol of that promise being a candle holder. Twinkling through the night to remind all that can see of the magic on Earth for this one moment in time.

Whether its the vintage pink or blue tea lights or the whimsical Golden Lucky Elephants there is a votive that will make your occasion spectacular. Our tea lights turn candlelight into nature’s glitter with our silver and gold mercury glass in the Gold Mercury Glass Votive Set or the twinkle in the Glass candle Light Holder .

Give the gift of the moment with our candle Holder with Palm Wax. Our beach-inspired tea lights will remind your guest of your special night each time they light them. Or the Teacups & Tea Lights Miniature Porcelain Tea Light Holder which are perfect for guests take away gifts at brunches or baby showers. Such a unique favor that makes each person feel special and cared for. While fulfilling the vow of your event with each time they light their candle. It gives a whole new perspective on the reason to use your votive candle holders and to give them as a gift not only to serve as a sweet memento, but as a vigil to a special occasion.

CREATE THE PERFECT AMBIANCE – Light up your back porch/deck or add the perfect touch of low light to your living room.

BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE DECORATION – Perfect for creating a beautiful tablescape centerpiece or rustic décor for a special event. Light up the aisle or runway at your wedding for a breathtaking entrance.

PERFECT FOR CELEBRATIONS, EVENTS OR HOME DECOR – Pair multiple styles of Votive Tea Light Holders with different size and color Kate Aspen Lanterns for a custom look.

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