Glass Beverage Wine Juice bottle with lid

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✔ SECURELY STORE WHAT YOU WANT – Clean & Clear Glass bottles so you can safely store up to 8oz-18 oz. of water, juice, tea, smoothies, great kombucha kit, cold-brewed coffee & more – Forget that reusable glass bottle and move over to reusable glass bottles.
✔ SAFE & CLEAN DRINKING – Each BPA-free, lead-free clear glass water bottle is made with premium soda lime glass, high quality 304 stainless steel, & food grade silicone gasket which means no unwanted plastic chemicals or unwanted tastes leaching into your beverages. Think of it as a glass cup with lid.
✔ EASY TO FILL & DRINK WITHOUT SPILLS – Larger than average mouth makes for time-saving filling & a more enjoyable drinking experience. Leak-resistant cap prevents messy spills; measuring line shows exactly how much is in the glass bottle. Use as water bottles for refrigerator, water kefir bottles, juicing cups, glass bottles for liquor or just plain water bottles
✔ EASY TO CLEAN – Clear glass drinking bottles are dishwasher-safe! Even when used as smoothie containers. Quick clean up or easy hand washing, thanks to larger bottle opening with a bottle brush. Hand washing caps/lids is recommended. When washing glass water bottles, kefir bottles or our reusable smoothie cups, we recommend extra large bottle brushes to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned.
✔ MEASUREMENT MARKINGS – Designed with measuring lines which show how much liquid is in the bottle. Convenient for portion control and tracking the amount of liquid you’ve consumed. Great for juice and fermentation bottles, kombucha accessories and more. Few ounces larger than the standard 16 oz. clear glass bottles

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Glass Bottles Are the BEST

Why Pratico Kitchen Clean Glass Bottles are better than plastic bottles & why you should buy them:

★ Non-porous surface doesn’t absorb odors or flavors & is naturally cleaner
★ Lasts longer & can be easily recycled
★ Healthy alternative to plastic

Small glass bottles can be used to store various samples or small objects, such as liquid, powder, sugar, coffee, cookies, rice, baking suppliesetc
You can decorate weddings and parties to make them more romantic
The best choice of holiday gift, lovely and romantic little bottle


* Liquid expands when it freezes. We do not recommend freezing glass bottles
* Pouring boiling water directly into the glass is not recommended; a sudden change in temperature may cause the bottle to shatter
* Recommended for cold drinks only
* Hand wash caps. The heat from dishwasher may cause parts of the caps to come off
* Bottles may have a wave effect; this is due to the 2-stage manufacturing process that strengthens the bottle. Once filled with water, the waviness disappears


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