Factory clear custom teapot OEM cheap borosilicate glass teapot

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The bottom of glass teapot with removalbe infuser is designed to be flat and more stable on the stovetop.so can used directly in gas or electric stove top, use a medium level heat source to heat water for brewing, your blooming teas can directly heated on the top of gas stove or kept hot on open flame teapot warmer, You can also put it in a refrigerator or in direct sunlight for cold brewing.

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  • Removable Metal Infuser:This teapot has a removable metal infuser on the spout that prevents the loose leaf tea leaves from falling into your cup when you’re serving your delicious tea.
  • Natural Bamboo Lid with Soft Seal: Glass teapot has a comfortable ergonomic handle and a sleek bamboo lid that is 100% airtight and leakproof. So you will be able to serve the tea very easily, and the boiling hot liquid won’t leak or spill while you will be turning and moving the teapot.
  • Ideal Gift for Tea Lovers:Great home and office gifts for tea maker set- all kinds of tea and loose leaf . 900ml/30.4oz teapots or tea kettle can serve up to 4-7 cups of flowering tea from this elegant glass teapot.bring more enjoyable and pride with small glass teapots.

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