Factory Amber Round Glass Jars with Metal Lids

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  • 2 Type of Lids – Plastic lids for regular storage. Metal lids for candle jar (These jars are ideal container for making candle)
  • Thick Glass – Strong, dishwasher safe, high temperature resistance
  • Airtight Lids – Lids are lined with a thin sheet of foam to ensure the airtight seal. No worry about leaking while traveling with them
  • Various Uses – Act as mason jar or sample bottle. You can store solid, liquid or powder, such as spice, salt, lotion, candle, ointments and more
  • Perfect for storing lotions, powders, and ointments.
  • Safe, secure and convenient packaging.
  • Perfect for travel.
  • Amber Glass Protects Against Harmful UV Rays


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Amber 8 oz Round Glass Jars with Inner Liners & Black Lids


These high quality, amber, glass, round jars are perfect for use with lotions, creams, and scrubs. Each Jar comes with a matching inner liner and dome lid which provides for a tight and secure seal.
Would you have these problems when preparing a trip? Such as there are too many things in the bag, how to take along lotion, shampoo or other?

Traveling can be stressful, but this 12-pack of Hoa Kinh travel Container Jars helps eliminate stress by providing you with a ready to go storage jar for any contents of your choosing.

Professional beauty and care products manufacturers, the highest quality, the most perfect design, the most intimate service, to give you the biggest surprise! !

High-Quality Materials
This small glass jar is easily washed and designed to be reused. Additionally, the jars are BPA-free, will not contaminate your skincare products.

Powerful Sealing
Each glass jar features a twist-off lid to help eliminate the worry of spills and leaks. Whether you need a travel jar for creams, jewelry, crafts, or medication, this 12 pack of travel containers have you set.

Diversity & Versatility
Round jars are suitable for almost all of your skincare products. For example: lotion, toner, cream, ointment. Other powdered and creamy liquid samples, such as tea, coffee, herbs, spices, jam, honey and cooking oil, can also be stored.

Convenient & Portable
The small size allows for extra room in your suitcase, purse, or backpack so you can make sure to bring everything you need. So why not have a look now?

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