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The  essential oil glass bottle  is made of  high-quality  transparent  lead-free  glass,

These dropper bottles have  5ml ,10ml, 15ml, 20ml,30ml,50ml and 100ml.

Blue Glass Spray Bottles with Fine Mist Sprayer & Dust Cap, Glass Bottles with Glass Eye Droppers for for Essential Oils .

Glass  dropper  bottles  and  glass  spray bottles is  for  your  option.

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【Safe & Healthy Materials】These bottles are made of approved thick, smooth and shockproof cobalt blue glass which can be washed and reused. Being the color blue, they protect the oils from outside damaging sunlight so the essential oils don’t lose their efficiency so quickly.

【Muti-Use】This series of essential oil bottles are equipped with  Fine Mist Sprayer & Dust Cap  and glass  dropper,You can put essential oils and perfumes,cleaning  solutions .With a dust cap, it can better protect essential oils from ultraviolet rays and air pollution.Using a dropper or spray can meet your needs, and can be safely stored and transported. You can choose a bottle with different milliliters. You can divide the essential oils and follow you on business trips and trips. The bottles can be used repeatedly.

【Environmental & Reusable】Throw away plastic products and use these environmentally friendly and healthy glass bottled essential oils to make products safer and more effective in their role.You can choose bottles of different milliliters, you can also label them, the products can be seen more clearly and easier to use.


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