Empty Square Spice Container with plastic spoon

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KEEP ALL OF YOUR ORGANIC SPICES FRESH: The lids and caps are airtight, which means your herbs stay fresher longer! Inner lids allow you to choose either shaking or measuring with spoons. CONVENIENT SILICONE SPICE FUNNEL: The funnel specially designed for spice makes it easier to add new spices to your spice jars. PREPRINTED AND BLANK SPICE JAR LABELS WITH CHALK MARKER: Enjoy 713 spice labels for easy organization. 340 chalk labels and 317 Transparent Labels are preprinted, 56 labels are blank and reusable for you to fill in with a chalkboard pen and wipe clean as needed!

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  • PREMIUM ACCESSORY » Exclusive sift and pour shaker lids matching metal airtight caps which means your herbs stay fresher longer! Preprinted Round Spice Labels which includes blank labels that can be written on with a white paint pen, this gives you the option of labeling the sides or the lid of the jars.
  • MULTIFUNCTION » Use our square glass jars for organizing drawers, seasoning, storing spices, salt, pepper, herbs, DIY projects, and more! These mini jars have a variety of uses such as party favors, craft or office supplies, decorative projects or homemade goodies.
  • Tired of having to dig through your pile of spice jars to find the one you are looking for? Too many bottles and jars are filled in your kitchen? Organize a spice drawer and enjoy the extra room on your counter or pantry. Specially useful for small kitchens where counter space is a premium. Perfect for storaging your spice, pepper, salt so that your kitchen will be neat and clean.

    Color: Transparent.
    Size: 10.5 x 4.3 x 4.3 cm.
    Weight: 122g/pc.
    Made of high quality lead-free glass, easy to clean, dirt & water resistant.
    Silver screw-on cap for an airtight seal & snap-on sift and pour shaker.
    Use our square glass jars for organizing seasonings, spices, salts, peppers, herbs, DIY projects and more!
    This elegant set has been designed to look great in any style of kitchen, putting 4 of your favorite spices at your fingertips.

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