Cylindrical glass relief pattern candle holder

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The  Cylindrical glass relief pattern candle holder,  Each set has 5,  11.5cm tall with 7.8cm  opening on the top. 5 colors  such  as  Purple, pure white, red, rose gold, bronze,And with the same color cover.The bottle mouth is smooth and round.we offer   custom  LOGO  services,Ourpacking  includs  Carton  and  Pallet,About 30 days after sample and order confirmed (not including further processing products or special order). This product  supports  custommade.

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STYLE WITH HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL:This set of glass candle holders have colorful colors, and are equipped with the same color cover, made of high-quality lead-free glass. The craftsmanship is delicate and cumbersome. The purple and white candlesticks use an external spraying process, and the red, bronze, and rose gold candlesticks use an external spraying and internal plating process. The mouth of the candlestick is wide, round and smooth, easy to clean and place.

PERFECT  DECORATION:Works with regular votive candles, tealight candles and flameless LED tea light candles. Set of Five made to color your home, wedding, celebratory shower, garden party, birthdays and so on.Use this series of candlesticks to become part of your perfect home decoration.

SAFETY: The thickening of the glass wall and the glass bottom increases the service life. These candlesticks protect your furniture from drops of wax. You can also close the lid to protect it from dust.There is a place for labeling on the bottle body, you can occasionally use it as a glass container, and make the relevant label.

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