China Glass Sealed Jar with Cork

Short Description:

  • Multi-use jars for food, storage or organization
  • Glass lid allows for stacking of jars
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Only beaker is dishwasher safe
  •  MIX AND MATCH, STYLISH HOME: Glass canisters on the kitchen counters to keep dry ingredients such as Pasta, cereal, beans, rice, nuts etc. Perfect for coffee and tea lovers to store your coffee beans and powders, tea, sugars and snacks. Or you can keep them on your vanity for holding small accessories and spa products, our products are practical, functional and stylish anywhere you display at home or use in your workspace.
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSE OF USE: These air tight kitchen canisters are specially designed in different heights and quantity pack combo for multiple purpose of use. All of them are stackable for space saving storage, the silicone ring makes the bamboo lid close tightly, which ensures inside food dry and fresh for much longer time.

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Glass Storage Jar with Glass Lid & Silicon Ring, Food Storage Container, Canisters for Pasta, Tea, Coffee, Cookies, Snacks.

REUSABLE VERSATILE & MULTIPURPOSE & BALL WIDE MOUTH SMALL JARS: Use for Glass Spice jars, Herb container, Seasoning containers, Spice container, Herb storage, Herb jar, small spice jars, small canning jars, baby food glass airtight container, jam or jelly, wedding favors cute jars, spice bottle, honey, cosmetics or homemade candles. Perfect for Wedding Favors cute containers, Shower Favors airtight jars, Party Favors, or Other Homemade Gifts small airtight container.

These are perfect for a party or event. The 1/2 gallon capacity really caters for the average household making sure you have enough space for your goods while giving you the convenience of being able to store them in your closet.

The glass jar is great for storing cookies, baked goods, flower, sugar, corks and cotton balls.

Besides keeping your things fresh they have a clean, sleek look making those messy cereal boxes and bags of granola a thing of the past.

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