Car diffuser hanging bottle

Short Description:

Exquisite bottle body, with fashion lanyard: the bottle body is fine polished, smooth and without impurities, the lanyard is fashionable, simple and strong.

Fresh air, adornment love car: your beloved car needs a perfume bottle, add color to life, disperse peculiar smell.

The details make the experience.Simple and exquisite, used to install perfume or aroma.

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Glass Bottle Body: The glass bottle body has been polished by many procedures, making it very smooth and transparent.

Wooden cap: wood texture clear, texture precision, high hardness has the function of fragrance can also be engraved.

Round bottle mouth: Threaded bottle mouth that can be sealed for preservation and is not prone to leakage.

Anti-skid bottle bottom: thickened bottle bottom, not easy to slip, high safety performance.

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