Airtight glass jars with card buckle lid

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These glass storage tanks are made of food-grade lead-free glass.

Food grade lead-free glass and apron can be in direct contact with food.

Having a healthy kitchen starts with good materials.

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These glass storage bottles seal well so that the liquid won’t leak.

Although the sealed liquid of the storage jar does not leak, it is recommended that you use the sealed tank correctly.

For example, fermentation products are not recommended to be placed upside down or horizontally, because there will be exhaust in the fermentation process, and leakage may occur during the process.

Storage jar can not only store food but also ensure the quality, effectively extend the shelf life of food, especially for the storage of vacuum packaged products again, greatly improve the shelf life.

The cap, stainless steel clasp and sealing ring of the bottle can be completely removed and cleaned, so that the residue will not affect our health.

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