A hot seller of clear glass perfume bottles

Short Description:

Glass perfume bottle

With a nozzle

Transparent and solid material

Spray fine and no residue

Prevent mispress, the material is environmentally friendly

It is suitable for all kinds of pure water liquid such as perfume and toilet water

It’s convenient and comfortable to carry everywhere

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It is undoubtedly wise for you to choose our glass perfume bottle. The essence inside the perfume will corrode the plastic, especially PVC plastic. After reacting with the plastic, the whole perfume will deteriorate and the fragrance will change.One because the main content of glass is silicon dioxide generally not with the composition reaction of perfume and plastic will be more complex and perfume reaction 2 to the visual effect of glass bottle will be better than plastic bottle multi-purpose glass bottle packaging is now high-grade, beautiful and generous appearance.Molecules in glass bottles are stable and do not smell easily.Bottle packing is best.Good mechanical properties, light weight, convenient storage and transportation, easy to carry and use;Anti-permeability, good sealing, high transparency;Good processing performance, can be manufactured into various sizes of bottles, caps, films, bags and composite packaging materials;Good decorative coloring and printing performance.Drug labels, instructions, labels and bar codes can be directly inkjet or printed on plastic materials without falling off;Good chemical stability, weak toxicity, health, safety.The lid of the medicine can be made into a safety cover or pressure cover, as well as anti-counterfeiting mark and so on.It’s convenient and comfortable to carry everywhere

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