perfume bottle

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  • Great for essential oils or any DIY projects
  • Perfect gift for those that love perfume bottle
  • Great craftsmanshipAIRTIGHT SEAL: Provides additional protection; blocks out air exchange.
  • AIRTIGHT SEAL: Provides additional protection; blocks out air exchange.
  • Hand wash only
  • Elegant and decorative, a perfect accessory for a powder room, bedroom or bathroom
  • Smooth design goes well with classic or modern decor
  • Popular Gift Item
  • Elegant Perfume Bottle

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  • This perfume bottle is perfect for you Popular Gift Item and a Elegant Perfume Bottle,Whether you are looking for a refined container to house your handcrafted fragrances, or are just in need of a new bottle to replace the damaged one containing your favorite aroma, then this elegant example will fill your requirements nicely.Our glass perfume bottles are the perfect container for your perfumes and colognes. You can easily fill them with your unique blends made from essential oils or pour some of your favorite scents from perfumes around the world. These are also ideal for making a gift-size perfume or stocking stuffer.Uses – Transfer your favorite perfume or cologne into this beautiful glass bottle or fill it with your own unique essential oil blend scent.These bottles are portable and refillable. Don’t be afraid to carry them with you everywhere. They easily fit into any bag, purse, backpack, briefcase, or luggage. When you have used up the fragrance, don’t throw it away! Just rinse it out and fill it again and again.This gorgeous perfume bottle is stylish yet functional. A closure cap is included for travel. Enjoy!These cute little atomizer spray bottles are great for travel and also for home

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