10ml transparent essential oil bottle

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Glass roller bottles are ideal for custom essential oil blends and dilutions.With this high quality roller bottle, you will prefer to use essential oils.

You will love making custom essential oil blends with our high quality, leakproof essential oil rollers.The quality of these rollers is different from that of any other rollers available.

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Why Holistic Oils Roller Bottles:

Our pack of 12 high quality reusable and long lasting roll on bottles are perfect for use with essential oils, perfume oils, and other liquids. The liquid flows out as it slides gently back and forth using the stainless steel roll-on ball which is corrosion resistant. Remove the roll ball by applying pressure with the cap. Before filling, remove the roller ball by applying pressure with the cap. Insert the roller ball into the bottle opening, then press down until it is securely connected otherwise it will cause the leakage. Be sure to wipe off any oil from the outside of the bottle and when you need to reload the liquid and remember to cover the bottle cap when used.

Essential oil cylinder is very suitable for use:

  • Dilute the essential oil
  • Children and Pets
  • Custom Essential Oil Blends
  • Sharing essential oil samples
  • Home and office use

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