100ML Flat Square Liquor Bottle

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100ML   Flat   Square   Liquor    Bottle  with   metal screw-cap/tamper evident cap  fits  the   size  of  your  palm and  makes  it  easy   to  grip  .  Crystal  clear  glass  and  a  heavy  base   are  Nordic  in  style.  The  Capacity  is 100 ml;  The   Size  is   124*67*32 mm;we offer   custom  LOGO  services,Ourpacking  includs  Carton  and  Pallet,About 30 days   after   sample    and    order confirmed    (not including further processing products   o r     special orderThis product  supports  custommade.

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  • About the spirit/liquor bottle
  • 100ML Flat Square Liquor Bottle  spirits and liquor bottle shares many resemblances to the classic Nordic shape. What makes the glass spirits and liquor bottle outstanding is the sloped shoulders, giving it a unique appearance. The straight walls, round base, and large label panel allow for easy labeling. Crystal clear glass and a thick heavy base will give your product a high-end premium look. The 100ml glass spirits and liquor bottle is a perfect choice to carry small amount of Gin, Rum, and other liquors.
  • This glass spirits and liquor bottle is perfect for packaging a range of spirits including gin, whiskey and vodka, and would look right at home behind a bar or on the shelf of a supermarket.
  • Aside from alcohol, these vintage-style bottles are also suitable for high end toiletries such as aftershaves, bath oils and perfumes.
  • The necks of the glass spirits and liquor bottles are compatible with our screw top cap that seal in freshness and prevent your products from leaking.
  • 1. Reusable, durable glass material and with large enough flat label area perfect to show the liquor.
  • 2. Easy to carry a small amount of liquor or other beverages with you while you are out for travel, business or other uses.
  • 3. Screw cap design shows you a good sealing performance. The caps are ribbed adge so even if your hands are dirty, you can easily open it.
  • 4. Smooth bottle mouth makes the glass spirits and liquor bottle well-made and look brilliant.


  • About the cap
  • This bottle comes complete with a aluminum screw cap, which has an EPE liner to preserve the freshness of your products, whilst also preventing any leakage. You can find the cap of your choice in our closures category and buy separately, or navigate to one of our bundled bottle and cap listings in the Beverage Bottles section. As regard to the cap color, we recommend gold. If you have other opinion, let's discuss and then confirm in the order.

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