100ml 280ml 350ml 500ml Clear Frosted Milk Tea Beverage Glass Bottle

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beverage for juice ,milk ,coffe ,beverage…

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  • Versatile Bottle – Although these large bottles have a traditional milk bottle aesthetic, they can be used for storing several types of beverages including fresh cow’s milk, homemade nut milks, fresh pressed juices, smoothies, water, and more!
  • Infusing – Use these bottles for infusing them with flavor; also infuse water, juices, and teas with fresh fruit and herbs for a delightful drink that looks pretty in the clear bottles.
  • Great for Storing – Contents stay fresh with a gold-colored airtight metal lid with plastisol liner. Store sauces, syrups, jellies, jams, fermented and preserved fruits and veggies as well as dry foods like oats, beans, rice, and pasta. Rustically store craft things, office supplies, and loose items.

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